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Integrate Billplz with Timetable

Allow your clients to pay you via Billplz

Billplz is a Malaysian payment gateway that excels at FPX (Bank Transfer) payments. To get started with it on Timetable, you will first need a Billplz account. You can sign up here. You will be required to submit some documents that will undergo a verification process. Once your account is approved, you're good to go!

1. Creating a collection

The first step required is to create a collection. A collection is a grouping of all the payments that will be made through Timetable.

Click Dashboard > Billing > Create Collection

Note the Collection ID

2. API Key

The API key is what will authorize Timetable to create bills within Billplz on your behalf.

Click on your company name > Settings


3. Adding the keys to Timetable

The last step is to simply add both the Collection ID and API Key to Timetable.

Click on Settings > Payment gateways

Once there, paste your Collection ID and API Key and hit save.

You're all set to start receiving payments via Billplz!

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